I daydream at night would you call that daydream?… I guess a better word for it is imagining.

Recently it has been a bother. I read between the lines of what people are saying, imagine the worst possible consequence then it ends up effecting my ‘real’ life. Just today, I felt depressed and over what? Actually, I don’t remember, maybe it’s easy to feel sad and harder to be happy.

‘I wish someone can hug me as much as I do to my friends’ was what I thought after lunch today. -sigh- Though I would be happy if I didn’t say it and they would do it. I love them a lot but I’m not as important as they are to me. They have other friends and I feel… envious… another emotion I want to avoid. One of the seven sins. I’m not Catholic but it’s nice to have a reference for the bad thing I do intentionally(which I tried avoid) and unintentionally (which I tried avoid even more).

If things were easier in life, I would… nevermind… I probably be bored. -sigh-

I knew I would regret not living life to the fullest, in my childhood. I knew there were hardships in the future, who knew it could be this troublesome? Everybody older, that’s who! They told me over and over and over again, basically, ‘have fun while you still can’.



If life was a person I would strangle him, then beg him to be lenient as a sexual favour.

Would Life be kind?


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