The lyrics, an illusion; facade for the underlying profound meaning.

Every note manipulated every emotions, bending those who were aware of its existence to true purpose, to feel the message conveyed.

Through different people the each song is heard, yet many sway under the intense emotions they are expose them themselves to.

Strange, is it not?

Some may say, humanity is what sets us apart from animals and what keeps us together as a civilized society. It is comforting to think so, as personally, it makes me feel somewhat safe and not alone; an effect of feeling a sense of belonging.

Humanity, though a strength, is also a weakness. Such truth has been exploited by those of the corrupt or even paternalistic.

‘Listen to the world’ I told myself once, attempting to fall asleep. Naive. I thought that by doing so I could be comforted. The world will hold me in its arms, but all I felt that night was the distance between everything and myself. Loneliness.

It was long after that I realised how much I overestimated the strength of the world, its power to comfort me. I realised later that It does not matter how much people are with you but how strong they care for you. Even one is enough… I guess this is where my possible, future lover and soulmate comes in.


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