My past and her past

Something I have written years ago.

They say time will heal.

They say that I will forget, sometime. When? I feel like crying but I can’t. Pride and honour, just illusions, and it is just the remains of my past-self.

I dreamt in a dream within my dream, stories of a prince, his horse and a carriage, just like how I wanted mum to tell. I, a princess in a home far away from my own don’t want to resist. As life’s journey will take someone to slay my darkest of days and long love’s longing will hold for generations to come. So my story will be told once again just like those I have heard of others. Stories told over and over. My life is a fairytale, my dreams are real. Reality is only a dream, a nightmare. Running away from all my fears, from my comforts, I feel ashamed. Why am I in a place I have dug and called my own?

Under stones, I hid. Pretending I’m not there. Wish this could come true. People will pass and say that I love you. My story has never been told because I am so small, just a little girl. ‘I am less than everyone else’ is what I said to myself. They say it’s not true and whisper sweet, loving words, ‘I want to hold you, hug you tight, and sing you a lullaby…’ Wish they would come for me. Whoever they are I want to love them too. Time will heal is what my memories has always told from someone i don’t know well.


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