Rin. F. two birthdays ago

This was something I wrote for Rin.F., I never sent it because I thought it was to sad for a birthday present. I wanted to give her hope but it became more depressing than expected. Note the metaphors.

My beloved sister,
There might be a time when pieces of your heart seem broken or lost,
The king fails to break open your castle gates even without thought of reason or cost.
Your horses fallen fighting your fire,
Your men exhausted as awakening you seemed dire.
And your people abandon you as they see no hint of your return,
Yet I will run, walk and stand by your side as I see light in darkness,
Comfort in plight,
today, yesterday and every other day and night,
because in truth I have true sight.

I watch your people laugh as they hope you will hear their happiness and long for home,
I uncover the odor of your men’s hard work, as they plot and plan doing their unthinkable, until pages learnt pial into a large prison dome.
I listen to the marching of hooves as they face the circumstances with bloodshot eyes,
I wipe away the king’s tears, noticing the stench of unwashed clothes,
And still, you remain ignorant with thoughts completely your own while others bleed, cry and suffer,
It may seem as if it is impossible but we are here and with you, you are not alone.


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