Moving pictures projected on an invisible wall in front of me. Tears rolled down my eyes. I held my breath. I knew how he would have felt if he knew. “That day, I saved your life but in return they broke my wings…” I turned slightly and hesitately. Grey-white wings became increasingly visible, yet as they began to stretch, my limitations were obvious. Broken. Short. Useless.
The unfamiliar and overwhelming emotions seeped into the dark reaches of my hidden soul. A requirement of those who fell. I was taught that the soul create emotion. A strength. A weakness. I feel it now, that weakness, the pain.
He stood there, attempting to control himself. But, as I broke down in tears, he slowly shed his own. A drop of human emotion echoed throughout the, now, seemingly large room to be confined by the reality of ‘the bigger picture’.
I knew why he cried. The reason remains the same as the reason for my sacrifice, his selflessness and self-sacrificing nature. He cried because he blamed himself for being the cause of my consequence.
For centuries, I have observed the human race. They who are in essence our bretheren, yet act and behave in strange manners. Emotions were confusing yet many more senior than I beg to differ and, to extremes, envy their possesion of a soul.
However, now, I understood why.
I have never regretted saving him from his early calling to heaven. Though heaven is his determined fate, I felt it was too short. He deserved to live. However, this choice like many others have their consequence.

Kneeling before all those I knew and some unfamiliar, I begged to be understood. I told them I did not need to be forgiven for the right I have done. Then in unison, they replied ‘You have no right’ and left in belief they had said enough.
I did not forget. I knew our will. Our will was of our father and no other. It was the only law and it has been since the beginning.

Looking up, I saw his face. The scar by his eye carried a stream of tears, brightened by the reflected light, as the images began to fade.

‘Sorry’, we both said with a followed silence.

Within that silence, nothing needed to be said because all was understood.


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