There are sides to friends that I don’t know, a world they do not share. It saddens me because when something goes wrong there, what can I say?

I can’t do much because I don’t understand. If I say something, it isn’t relevant.

*sigh* I hate pressurising people.

I love my friends more than myself, it’s just so hard to say and show. What more can I do besides hug?

I want to cry.

I’ll forget this soon, so don’t worry, I’ll be okay. I tend to feel lonely and think depressing thought without all of you here. *sigh* Once again it is my fault for having these trust issues.

From my first love, first kiss, first confession, first rejection and when I first realise my first true mistake, I have learnt to avoid pain. I guess I have to change or else everyone will slip away.


4 thoughts on “Hidden.

  1. Whether it’s relevant or not, it is the thought that counts. To know that someone cares is something that already helps alot. It may not apply to everyone else, but it does for me.Please don’t make little of who you are, because you are much more than you think you are to them!I may not show it and I may not verbally/directly express it, but I just wanted to know you are a friend that I hold dear.Whatever your trust problems are only you can really can find a ‘solution’ for it. But your friends will be there to support you all the way, even if it is something personal~ It takes time to really move on over things and I understand that. Don’t be push yourself too hard to change; take it at your pace. I’ll always be there, no matter how long it will take you.*hugs*Cheer up~ It makes me sad to see you down ❤

  2. Hey I know how you feel. its a feeling I often get now a days but remember one thing a hug is worth more than a thousand words. you will always be hold a special place in my heart even if I may not tell you so…all your friends…all of us will always be there for you whenever you need us.all you have to do is to call and we’ll be there.

  3. I think as long as your there for your friends it does not matter if you know whats wrong or not as long as your there to surpport them. So dont put your self down.I am there for you sochiva. i might not be as close to you as others but i am here if you want to talk. =D

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