There are times when you do not want to let go of the past. It can last for years and decades.

Just holding on to a sweet, warm memorable piece of our life brings both sorrow and happiness. While some hold on to the negativity of their past. Strange, is it not?

The Complexity of life can never be understood, even then it can never be proven absolutely correct.

We hold on to the experiences that occurred years ago, only to realise the reality of the situation. The reality of the continual forward drifting of time.

It is like God telling and showing us we have to move on and continue as time continues. If so, in a way he may be quite cold, to let the world move on while a few a struggling to accept their existence in the present. Then again if I were faced with such a decision to create time, then I would do so because sadly, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”.

Humanity has to always move forward in order to embed mistakes in history and continue to learn and grow from them.

It is sad to live in the past and quite possibly regretful, yet we somehow find reasons to linger in the moments that will enviably pass.

That past we must move from and learn from… I cannot. It pains me to relive the past. A thousand needles or just one will forcefully reach the depths of my soul, piercing it. Its poison spreads slowly. A pain that is bearable and I have grown used to. I dont know why I live like this. It hurts to feel pain but I cant stop remembering. I think it is because i want forgiveness.

Forget and forgive, but what if you cant forget? How could you forgive?


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