On a lighter note!

It has been halfway through my school holidays. Surprisingly, I think my limit for going out stands at 2 times per week. haha! It is not only physically strenuous but also emotionally, or maybe it is because I am unfit or incompatible with shopping?

Sure, I understand that hanging out with friends is fun and enjoyable. It is. Believe me, it is. You would not believe the amounts of polite ‘shut-ups’ I got from a person in particular….

But, you know, everything has its ups and downs. For one, shopping is emotionally harmful for a… fashion-deprived teenager and the cause, Asian parents with an overprotective Chinese voodoo charm to trap innocent daughters in the cage of ‘purity’ (if you know what I mean). yeah! I am not elaborating.

Also when shopping, you not only have to take into consideration what you want and what suits you, but also the subtle hints from a poker faced friend when you ask them “What do you think?” + a grin hiding the slight fear of ridicule. This is probably only me, since I do consider myself quite a self-conscious person and I am one.

Hmm… what else? Well, there are times when I just want to wander and explore a little. Though there is a limit on how much fun you can have by yourself, (excluding imaginary dudes and dudettes) there is, however, a more restricted limit with a more uptight and somewhat perfectionist friend. One day, we were ‘lost’ in a large, unfamiliar school. She thought we were lost but I had a great sense of direction. So when she got angry and frustrated at me, I led her straight back to the entrance with no map! ‘Relax’ I said  while she raised her voice. Anyways, I still love her! That’s a quality that I would find interesting in a friend and apparently she finds attractive in her boyfriend, in her words not mine. I quote “He is a little bit strict”.

Money is also an issue but it has been done and probably the problems are obvious. Mainly, Peer pressure + Money = A lot of money spent! or Rich friend + Poor friend = equally rich? friends….(kidding!) hahaha!

Anyways, after all this in a day, I feel hungry. Frequently. So feed me or let me hunt and gather food, at least twice per outing 🙂

The point of this entry was to tell my friends that I was really, really, really hungry that day when I only ate once in that 6 hour shopping trip. So really let me feed and do not assume my breakfast or dinner at home adds to this equation.

Equation: Food + Sayu = Sa-poo = Shampoo?


2 thoughts on “On a lighter note!

  1. I’ve only been out to go to tutor LOLOLOLActually, I’m heading out the city in an hour but that’s because i have to pick up school related stuff and I’ll be going to the state library to study 😦 So maybe I should be optimistic and consider it as one ‘outing’ LOLWe should go shopping together one day!<3 you cutie pie! loving the equation xDDD(BTW THIS IS UNRELATED, BUT I SWEAR, THERE’S THIS KOREAN BOYGROUP THAT HAS A CHIBI JAEJOONG-lookalike?)

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