No longer crying.

Changing your perspective, view the world in a positive light, pay no heed to negativity of any form and live in this world you have created – naïve, innocent and childish.

Doubts surrounding its existence as a façade would be irreparable and also a sign of maturity, therefore mental growth. The actuality of lies and fiction told in much earlier years, such as the contemporary figure, Santa, and monsters in closets, under the bed or behind the door, were told as a form of discipline.

For most, the prolonged existence of such a world was kept alive by the potential harm accepting reality would cause, in other words fear of truth.

Even so, the acceptance of reality is just the beginning of maturity. Is there no limit to maturity? What else is needed to be accomplished to become mature? In contemporary society, it is no longer defined or restricted by age as a result of concepts such as ‘child at heart’ and more importantly, an ‘individual’.


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