I often hear words of insincerely, such as ‘how are you?’ in a tone – blatantly wishing I reply with the expected ‘alright, you?’ and then leading to a casual ‘until next time then’.

It is disappointing each time I hear people acquire to my health and recent activities when they do not genuinely care whether or not I just recently got into reading erotic, gay novels over the past few days and have a rash due to rigorous self-inflicted ‘friction’.

They might be surprised and probably have made a mental note to avoid future conversations… but hey, if you would have been more honest with yourself and paid more attention to me in the beginning, you might have noticed I was just as disinterested as you. I saved us the trouble of going through a routine of a much unneeded social pleasantry and know we both have something to talk about. Hence this post and I am being nice by not mentioning your name, mister!

Really cannot stand having an ordinary day.

Never not interesting when I am pondering alone throughout a day.

People are the unmeasurable variable that may either push the consequence of our interactions to the tipping point of boredom or extreme ‘fun’. I have learned long ago that I cannot expect much from people and that way they can surprise you, even when they are boring.

As a human being, I really cannot live without them though. Social isolation – I have tried – the consequences were unexpectedly terrible. Prone to anxiety and being seen as ‘shy’, not very fun.

Anyways, I am just seriously pissed at some certain individuals. No trust what so ever and lied for there own sake because of pride. Cannot really elaborate on details currently but will do so to piss them off in the near future. Probably not.


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