Sometimes you need the heart of a child to just survive.

Naivety and innocence is protected from feigned vulnerability but what if it was not what made us weak but kept us strong, just enough to keep on going. A part of us that never really disappears as we grow but is always instinctively protected by the masks we build.

Like a wall built around our very soul, our mask shields our true self. This is a place we only know of or perhaps few may have touched, nevertheless it is only us to reside in when our mind is quiet.

Though, the child within us is sometimes seen when we drop our guard, laugh too hard, cry too loud, and always curious to experience the deepest of pains and the heights of happiness all over again. You would sometimes wonder if this is who you are Рa person who is some kind of masochist to bad memories  a seemingly circle of negative thoughts or some kind of idiot, who ignores all but the high you got off that last thing you smoked or compliment you heard.

This part of ourselves will peer into the world that you are the window to. This child will believe one hundred percent in everything that she sees, even though that window is rose-coloured glass or a thunderstorm drawn in a permanent black marker on its very surface.

So in that sense, your inner child can be quite narrow-minded, stubborn to believe anything else but what it sees.

But sometimes there are things that you will reply nod wholeheartedly with when she says it.

There are things that you will not understand when she says it.

There are things that you definitely know that is not true when she says it.

Sadly, most of the time, you do not hear her cry or yell or whispers what she really thinks.

It is at these times that if you truly listen and understand her, maybe the window that you both did not realise was cleaning would become as clear as when you both first met.

Then instead of looking in, you can begin to look out. To begin to understand what is the truth (at least to you).