Who is real? Who is happy?

You exist only if I am in front of you. You can speak if I speak first.

I exist only if you are in front of me. I can speak if you speak first.

This is our story with the one who looks like me.

This is my story. I am ugly.

I look at her one final time before I said goodnight. Pushed off from the mirror and, with a smile, hoped that my life will end tomorrow.

I looked at myself one final time before I said goodnight. Pushed off from the mirror with the hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

The first person is one whom is portrayed to the world, who is more ‘real’ in the sense that she exist because of the simple fact that she seen by others. Her thoughts are first, in the forefront, confident almost arrogant, always smiling. I hoped to portray her as almost perfectly constantly happy. But the very last words portray what she really feels. In actual fact, she is a pessimist and her smile is as fake as her personality. She hates herself basically.

The second person, in actual fact is the real one? Only seen by herself, she exists because she believes she is real. She is oblivious to the first person’s existence or perhaps in some way accepts she is her as well? Maybe she does not see a difference between the first and second person? But then why does she put herself second and behind the mirror? The last comment she makes, shows some kind of optimism that I hope to portray as unexpected, almost contradictive.

Even when in explaining both of them, there are contradictions – statements vs questions.

So, who do you believe is real? Who is more happy with themselves, and with the world?


One thought on “Who is real? Who is happy?

  1. The second is real. The second person puts herself second because her consciousness has a acted the first person for so long that it has become habit. However, more accurately, the second person doesn’t put herself second she knows when to speak out at the right times. Perhaps some moments that the second person shows herself is the first few moments of what you thought might be a ‘fake’ smile. but even smiling fake requires a tint of sincerity to make it believable.

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