Sitting on the train I looked at myself reflected upon the window beside my seat.
There are others reflected but let it be about just yourself for a second.

Imagine that person your seeing as a completely different person.
It’s frightening at first but why? It is because it could be the beginning of a horror story where your reflection moves without you? Haha. Or is it because what you have to do, to separate you from your idea of who you are, is scary? It is a comfort zone I did not realise I had – individuality; a personal relationship with yourself.

By attempting the above, I realised the things that keeps me centered me to who I am. The positive things like the loves I have for those around me to the negatives (my doubts) to physical attributes like my glasses.

Moving beyond myself is difficult and some may question why is it necessary. Well, I do not know myself but I feel as if I will never be beyond that point however I can only try. To what end, that I also do not know.


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