The Beginnings (of Love).

It always happens to me.

The world stop spinning for a split second, long enough for him to take my breath away.
Our eyes meet. I hope he thought I was looking else where or perhaps believed it was a casual glance around the room.
He smiled sweetly.
I returned one of my own.

Time suddenly sped up to make up for being lost in this moment.
Reality rushed back into my awareness.
Panic in the vicinity of my consciousness.
My breath quickened.
Whilst somewhere inside of me, I sighed and fainted like the starstruck feelings of a pre-teenage girl in the presence of a celebrity.

I realised he was waiting…
oh right! My green tea.
He took my order and left as quickly as the air he had stole from my very lungs.

If he had noticed… then life cannot get more embarrassing.


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