Unnamed Realm of Belief. (1)

Part 1: ‘Utopia and I’.

For every experience, there is always something to learn (to take in). Perhaps not even the literal content but maybe something more abstract and even slightly out of context, including the idea of being more open minded.

With anything, trust your ‘feelings’/intuition/instinct/soul whilst critically think; be humbly open-minded, I mean how else will you begin to understand the ‘truth’ of anything without accepting the possibility of your own ignorance in everything?

At the end of the day for every person that has come into my realm of awareness, I hope they will keep an open mind and thrive to better themselves.

It is a personal belief of mine that active personal development will led to a utopia of some kind. Whether that may be after the end of humanity or within the time of our existence, that day will come. Because what I have learnt in the numbness of being present in between moments of pain, is that good comes naturally and being cruel, malicious and unkind is a choice.

Though I know what some may say. That it is modern society that has allowed me the luxury of not tasting the morning fog of war, the smell of death or experience the clouded sense of helplessness in face of immense suffering… I understand some may see my beliefs as naive and too optimistic, that I do not see the potential of humanity to do bad as much as good.

So I will admit this, I have never experienced the depths of evil in this world first hand.

But I can also say, this, all of this is my truth because this is what I know. If there is anyone or any experience out there that is willing to tell me differently. I am willing to listen, always, and so should you.

(*”After the end of humanity” refers to another aspect of my belief involving the soul, reincarnation and our origins. I suppose I will write about it… another day, another time…)



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